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Hello, I’m Shari Short...

I’m a market researcher and I can help connect the dots between your brand and the right audiences.

Starting my career as a Developmental Psychologist, I have the skills necessary to help you understand your audiences’ perceptions, behaviors and trends. For more than 15 years, I've been getting inside people’s heads, interpreting data and finding out what makes audiences tick.

I’m also an accomplished writer, national public speaker and stand up comedian. When you work with me, expect to crack a few smiles along the way.

The services I offer

After years of working in program planning and marketing, I realized the only way to truly create messages that affect consumer behavior change is to look beyond the zip codes and basic demographics.

I work with non profit and private sector clients who want to understand their clients better in words, not just numbers.

I help clients understand their current and aspirational audience segments from the perspective of lifecycle development, generational influences, psychographics and yes, those tried and true demographics.

This approach has enabled my clients to introduce their products and services in a more targeted approach with higher success rates because they know their audiences on a richer, deeper level.

By translating market research data into strategies for clients, everyone involved ends up speaking the same language.

Whether it’s for marketing, new business initiatives or program development, a better understanding of who you are talking to increases the likelihood that they will listen.

Although the term strategic research sounds heady, it’s the umbrella term for the services provided. Whether it’s assessments through surveys and interviews or audience segmentation analysis, the approach is both customized to your needs and designed to answer your questions—even the ones you didn’t know to ask.

How does it work?

Phase I: The “Dots” Phase

These efforts help distinguish where you can improve how you are talking to your audiences, where there is partnership potential to reach more of your ideal audience segments and how to translate the audience segmentation work into marketing language and media planning.

Kickoff Meeting of the Minds

The initial brainstorming check-in launch gathering.

Current Resources Analysis

Membership databases, ordering histories, formerly commissioned research, collateral and communication tools.

Project Research Design

Depending on project, one on one interviews, member surveys, exit interviews, focus groups (online or in-person, ethnographic studies, secret shoppers, etc.

Phase II: The “Connections” Phase

My work is to make sure you not only understand the importance of finding the match between your brand and your audience, but specifically your most receptive audiences.


In-depth analysis of research findings.


Development of audience segmentation system and profiles.


Create profile engagement plan with marketing messaging and strategic partnership recommendations.


Comprehensive report and presentation of findings.

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